Costume Portfolio

~ 15th Century ~

Gothic Fitted/Pre-Raphaelite Dress

~ 16th Century ~

1540s Florentine Gown 1560s Venetian Courtesan Gown & Corset 1560s Venetian Courtesan Gown
1550s Venetian Gown Michelangelo’s 1560s Ensemble 1575 Florentine Veste & Petticoat
16th Century Corset

~ 17th Century ~

1660s Nell Gwyn

~ 18th Century ~

18th C. Turkish Ensemble 18th C. Tart 1760s Mourning Robe à la Française
1760s Brunswick 1770s Robe à la Française 1775 Maja Fancy Dress Costume
1770s Camisole à la Polonaise 1778 Robe à la Circassienne
A Proper Robe à la Polonaise, c. 1780 1780 Marie Antoinette Redingote
1778-9 Riding Habit 1780s Robe à l’Anglaise 1780s Robe à l’Anglaise Retroussée – “à la Parisienne

1780s Capote
Gaulle – “à la Polignac”  1780s Stays 1787 Tall Crown Hat
1787ish Silly Bonnet  1787ish Round Gown

~ 19th Century ~

The Eugenie Project 1870-1 Evening Dress
Gwendolen’s Early 1870s Day Bodice & Bonnet 1874-7 Reception Dress 1875 Afternoon & Evening Dress
1886 “Champagne” Fancy Dress Costume

~ 20th Century~

1909 Afternoon Dress 1910 Wings of the Dove Afternoon Dress 1910 Lady Maud Evening Dress
1909 Suit (on hold) 1938 Marie Antoinette Film Costume

~ Fantasy ~

Vampire Bride

~ Learning Projects ~

Older projects that demonstrate my progression of skill in terms of research, design, and execution (in other words, projects made when I didn’t know quite so much, preserved here for the sake of posterity, to show that we all start somewhere, and I’m always learning).

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Sharon Fischer January 10, 2010 at 5:20 am

Love your website. But I see that in your costumes in cinema,you didn’t mention
the series “Lillie” (Lillie Langtry)–the costumes were outstanding.

rupert March 28, 2011 at 5:04 am

Hello there – I’m needing a few high quality bespoke 15th C costumes and to my amazement there is an almost complete lack of anyone in England who is actually free and willing to work on pre-jacobean stuff to a high quality. I had a couple people at Royal Opera House doing things but the ROH decided they may not do any work on the side. Same story at the Globe! Perhaps you know someone over here who can do the fittings? thanks – Rupert

Andrea Simpson Garrett December 6, 2012 at 11:35 am

Hey, I love your site and am amazed at your costumes-lovely! Outstanding detail! Why aren’t you in Hollywood making dresses for films? I have just purchased a kirtle from a site that does Medieval stuff and am going to decorate it with the idea that surely even I can make a garment that simple. Your webiste with its lovely dresses is quite the inspiration.


jolene September 18, 2014 at 5:32 pm

beautiful work!

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