Oh god, I’ll never catch up with stuff if I wait to do posts about each individual thing, so here, minus The Book, my life the last few (many?) months!

I went to a 1920s Circus Picnic, for which I turned a shitty polyester prom dress from ebay plus a bit of a sari into a circus costume inspired by a picture of my great-grandmother. I forced myself to do the worst sewing job ever on it, since it was such a throw-away costume, and I looked pregnant in it (note to self: stand up straight!), but I had fun!

Gertrude Daniels Blumenfeld, circus performer, c. 1910s

With Laina & Karen

With Olive - (C) Laurie Tavan

I performed at Pirate Fest with Bella Donna (as the House of the Rising Sun — New Orleans tarts), for which I made a quick wig based on the Balloon style from The Book. Accessorized by a faaaabulous hat by Jenn.

And I prepped for, went to, and recovered from Costume College, but like everyone else, I’m waiting on professional photos for that post! I no longer bother to take good pics of myself, since I know the professionals can take such better ones. So yeah. More about that soon!

OH, and Frock Flicks is back. After years of my poking them, Trystan & Sarah have finally gotten excited about this again. We have a website. And a Facebook page. And a twitter. And will be recording a new podcast in the next week or two.


BOOK! (World’s Worst Blogger edition)

August 11, 2014 18th Century Hairdressing Book

I have turned into the World’s Worst Blogger(TM). So much costume-related stuff has happened that I have totally failed to blog about! If you follow me (or The Book) on Facebook, there will be a lot of repeats coming up. But whether or not it’s been all over Facebook and Costume College, and whether or [...]

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Early Cinematic Inspiration

July 16, 2014 16th century

The conversation on my movie review of Amadeus sparked an interesting discussion about early inspirations for costuming, and Lylassandra said, “I would LOVE a blog post about which movies (and other experiences) first inspired your love of costuming.” I think the “other experiences” is worth chatting about, but that’s enough to be another post… but sure, [...]

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18th Century Hair Book: So Close!

July 15, 2014 18th Century Hairdressing Book

The Book has been shipped from the printers to me, and delivery is expected to be THIS THURSDAY!  YAYYAYAYAYYAYA!! If you order your copy in the next two days, you’ll get to be in the first round of shipments… which US people should get sometime next week! (Of course, if you’ve already ordered, you’re definitely [...]

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Free research articles on WWI dress history

July 9, 2014 20th century

To commemorate 100 years since World War I, Maney Publishing has 100 research articles available for free for to read through the month of August. Here are the articles related to dress history: From the ‘union parfaite’ to the ‘union brisée’: The French Couture Industry and the midinettes during the Great War Maude Bass-Krueger, Costume  Cutting [...]

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New Movie Review: Amadeus (1984)

July 8, 2014 18th century

Costume designer: Theodor Pistek I’m sure I saw Amadeus back when it first came out, but I was young, and didn’t really remember it. Every time I thought about rewatching it I saw a glimpse of the wigs and decided against it. A conversation at the recent Costume Society of America conference, plus a long [...]

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SF Bay Area people: 18th Century Hair Lecture on 6/29

June 17, 2014 18th century

I’ll be giving a lecture sponsored by the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild on 18th century hair on Sunday, June 29 in Alameda (San Francisco east bay). The lecture will be part stylistic history — different styles for women’s & men’s hair and wigs from 1700-1799 — and part social history (why’s & how’s). This [...]

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