16th Century Corset

Made of green and gold silk damask, coutil, and lined with cotton. I’d originally wanted to make one that spiral laced front & back, but then realized how much longer that takes me to put on vs. a long lace and a non-period Victorian lacing layout… and since I wear this when I perform, speed in dressing is of the essence. It’s machine sewn except for the bottom binding, except that I foolishly decided to try the technique of not backstitching on my machine and instead, by hand, pulling the threads through to the back and hand knotting. WHOA, that took a huge amount of time (ok, but it does look really pretty)!


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    […] based on how it appears, then I would have to go with more rigid stays, similar to those seen here at Demode.  While the other option might be more comfortable, it would not mimic the dress in the […]

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    […] Eleonora has.  So I am going with my original ORIGINAL idea, which was to make a boned bodice a la Demode.  And strapless.  In linen fabric, so that will at least be the closest I can get to historical […]

  • Reply The Dreamstress September 24, 2011 at 2:37 am

    This is (as with all your stuff) absolutely gorgeous. What did you use as your pattern/pattern inspiration?

  • Reply kendra October 25, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Sorry to take forever to respond! The pattern is based on my bodice from my 1660s Nell Gwyn costume, although I tweaked the boning layout (more angling on the side) since it’s strapless.

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