1778 Robe à la Circassienne

Pierre-Alexandre Wille, Young Woman Admiring a Miniature, 1778
Painting is at the Seattle Art Museum. Image courtesy of CSU WorldImages: http://worldart.sjsu.edu/Obj30129?sid=102052&x=18738158

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The Concept

A reproduction of a 1778 robe à la circassienne as seen in Pierre-Alexandre Wille’s “Young Woman Admiring a Miniature” (at the Seattle Art Museum).

The Fabric & Trim

White silk/rayon duchess satin, trimmed with orchid silk/rayon duchess satin.

The Pattern

Draped by me.


Useful Links


  • Ribeiro, Aileen. Dress in Eighteenth-Century Europe, 1715-1789. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2002.
  • Van Cleave, Kendra & Brooke Welborn. “‘Very Much the Taste and Various Are the Makes': Reconsidering the Late 18th Century Robe à la Polonaise.” Dress (May 2013).


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