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Frock Flicks! Because stretch velvet isn’t historically accurate.

Do you remember Frock Flicks, our costume movie podcast? A few years ago, myself, Trystan, and Sarah were semi-regularly podcasting about the good and bad (oh, the bad) about costume movies. We podcasted about a number of different costume movies: from Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, to The Other Boleyn Girl, to The Tudors (okay, so that was a drunken watch along, with me yelling “Bangs!” periodically, but we live to entertain).

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Catching Up

Oh god, I’ll never catch up with stuff if I wait to do posts about each individual thing, so here, minus The Book, my life the last few (many?) months!

I went to a 1920s Circus Picnic, for which I turned a shitty polyester prom dress from ebay plus a bit of a sari into a circus costume inspired by a picture of my great-grandmother. I forced myself to do the worst sewing job ever on it, since it was such a throw-away costume, and I looked pregnant in it (note to self: stand up straight!), but I had fun!

Gertrude Daniels Blumenfeld, circus performer, c. 1910s

With Laina & Karen

With Olive - (C) Laurie Tavan

I performed at Pirate Fest with Bella Donna (as the House of the Rising Sun — New Orleans tarts), for which I made a quick wig based on the Balloon style from The Book. Accessorized by a faaaabulous hat by Jenn.

And I prepped for, went to, and recovered from Costume College, but like everyone else, I’m waiting on professional photos for that post! I no longer bother to take good pics of myself, since I know the professionals can take such better ones. So yeah. More about that soon!

OH, and Frock Flicks is back. After years of my poking them, Trystan & Sarah have finally gotten excited about this again. We have a website. And a Facebook page. And a twitter. And will be recording a new podcast in the next week or two.

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Finally! New Frock Flicks Podcast!

It’s taken a very long time, and this time it’s MY fault — but there’s finally a new episode of the Frock Flicks costume movie podcast!

This time we invite Francis to join us as we watch the first two episodes of Showtime’s The Borgias (season 2 is premiering soon, so it’s sort of topical!).  Listen as we geek out on shoes and eyeglasses, discuss historical body ideals, and bemoan the shy guys!

Warning: Not for the easily offended, totally sober, or honestly, anyone under 21. This one finally went over the top & we gave it an “explicit” tag in iTunes for frequent discussion of male body parts. Give us a break, there weren’t a ton of costumes to look at. Just pope-y stuff, so we kinda went south fast.

Grab a cocktail & go here:

Or go here, click “View in iTunes,” & then click “Subscribe.”  Then you’ll get all our updates whenever you open iTunes & refresh your podstreams.

The time lag, for once, is my fault — I told Trystan I’d take over editing and uploading the podcasts, because I wanted to do more and get them posted quicker.  Well, when you hear Sarah inviting you all to the costume bloggers meetup at LAST year’s Costume College, you can know it was my lagger-y-ness to blame!

Let us know what you think!

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Costume Con Documentation!

And no, not the historical masquerade variety! I have been SO wiped since Costume Con that I didn’t even upload my photos/video until yesterday. But I finally got it together to post my photos to Flickr (posted there because most of them are very, very random) and videos (most of which will be boring if you aren’t in them – the cupcake dance, the cupcake dance pt. 2, and a bit of the Eugenie ladies standing on stage after receiving our award [I do like Trystan’s fist pumping action!]). Also, Trystan posted the latest Frock Flicks podcast, recorded live at Costume Con 26 – please to enjoy!

I am working on getting all the info up on the Eugenie dresses, but unfortunately am waiting for the official Con photographers to post their photos from that night (altho there are lots of photos of us out there, most of them aren’t the clearest).

On Saturday I went to Cain’s Crossing Renaissance faire with a few others from Bella Donna – no stage show, just lots of singing and having fun. Now I am seriously jonesing for a new Venetian dress, but of course not for the fabric I already have! Where oh where can a girl find a green & gold damask (in silk or cotton/rayon) without spending $10,000, I ask you?