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Frock Flicks! Because stretch velvet isn’t historically accurate.

Do you remember Frock Flicks, our costume movie podcast? A few years ago, myself, Trystan, and Sarah were semi-regularly podcasting about the good and bad (oh, the bad) about costume movies. We podcasted about a number of different costume movies: from Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, to The Other Boleyn Girl, to The Tudors (okay, so that was a drunken watch along, with me yelling “Bangs!” periodically, but we live to entertain).

Well, we’re back with a vengeance. We’ve got a new podcast about Outlander, and we’re blogging regularly about costume movies past, current, and future at FrockFlicks.com. Some of our recent posts have featured:

So, if you like costume movies, and you like geeking out about the good ones and snarking the bad, follow us at our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to the podcast! There will be lots more shenanigans posted regularly — and I’m transferring the blogging about costume movies that I’ve done previously to Frock Flicks.


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