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Got my limited class confirmations — I’m in Sarah’s French hood class, and the burn testing fabrics classes — yay! Got both of the ones I wanted. I’ve so scaled back on limiteds — I’ve found that I don’t really enjoy making things at College, and signing up for a limited commits your time. I’d rather be free to run around to whichever classes suit my fancy — plus the all important socializing!

I’m starting to think about my classes. I want to tweak the 18th c. overview class. In the past, I’ve done it very chronologically, but I’m thinking it might work better to show the basic elements and how those changed over time (ie sleeves, for example). Not sure if that’ll be more or less confusing! And I need to figure out how to work the models for the hair & makeup class (thanks to those who’ve volunteered, I’ll be contacting you soon!).

And then there’s the all important what to wear question! I’m thinking about something for Thurs. night, Fri. night, Sat. night gala, and Sun. tea — although crikey, that’s four costumes! Definitely the Daniel Deronda dress for the Sun. tea. The Gala dress could be either the Florentine or Lady Maud dresses — depends on which one turns out more fabulous. I don’t think I have time or money to get more done than the Florentine and Daniel Deronda dresses by August… So that means I need 2 more costumes. I love the bonnet on my Meg dress, but I don’t really want to deal with a hoopskirt so that one may be out — or I could wear it over my crinoline instead? Hmm, that’s only three costumes. Maybe I’ll make an evening bodice for the Daniel Deronda dress, and so get more wear out of that?

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  • Reply Frances June 18, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    Are you flying or driving? Hoop in a car is easier than hoop on a plane (though I managed that for one Venice trip . . .)
    - Frannie

  • Reply Anonymous June 19, 2007 at 2:06 am

    Why don’t you make a lovely little roundgown?

  • Reply Kendra June 19, 2007 at 8:28 pm

    Frannie – probably driving. It’s more of not wanting to wear them AT college vs. not wanting to haul them. Hoops take up so much room!

    Anon: I would love the TIME to make a lovely little roundgown! But that does make me think that I could finish the 1780s jacket I started, plus I’ve been meaning to make that 1790s pleated gown for forever… It’ll all depend on time, of course! Right now the Florentine and Deronda dresses are the priority.

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