adjective:old fashioned, out of style, unfashionable [from French, the past participle of démoder "to go out of fashion," from mode "fashion"].

the concept

Gwendolen Gwendolen
Gwendolen Harleth's 1874ish day gown from Daniel Deronda

the fabric

purple/white striped silk shantung
purple/white silk shantung

the pattern

bodice: draped by me
skirt: Truly Victorian 208 (minus the apron)

the deadline

the result

what's on the dvd player?

Daniel Deronda

useful links

More views of the dress: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No progress, just thoughts. This is definitely next on the docket, but getting started on the undies is making me less enthusiastic about starting. I'd like to wear it at Costume College for sure (Loren, should we have a Gwendolen day? Maybe at the tea?).

One bit will be easier -- I've decided to make this as an 1874-75ish style rather than 1870. Although I like the idea of the huge skirt from 1870, I realized that the bodice totally doesn't go -- 1870 bodices end at a high, round waistline. So that makes things easier for me, in that I can use my standard bustle, although at some point I'd like to make something from 1869-70ish. Thanks very much for all your comments -- I will come back to them when I decide what to do from that era!

The next thing I'm thinking about is the petticoat. Do I have to make a trained petticoat to wear under this? Or can I just do some kind of dust ruffle that I attach to the skirt? The thought of making another full petticoat, with all the ruffling, makes me want to lie down. Any thoughts?

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So I'm really not thinking seriously (yet!) about making this, as I don't have all the supplies needed and it would cost me a bit of money to get them, but as I'm thinking about this project, and I want some feedback, I thought I'd post. So forewarning: I may not get to this for a while. Or I may!

I love love love this dress from Daniel Deronda. And when I found the perfect fabric for it last summer in the garment district, I knew it had to be mine.

What I'm thinking about right now is the underwear, specifically the bustle/hoop. There are a few things I want to tweak about this outfit, one of which is that I really want to do it in the c. 1869-70 hoop/bustle transition silhouette. Here's some examples: 1869 and 1870.

So my first thought was the Truly Victorian Grand Bustle -- but when I've looked at pictures of how it makes up, it really doesn't look like the right silhouette (despite their advertising). It looks much narrower, like the fashions c. 1872-74.

Instead, I've been thinking of making the smaller (View A) hoop in Simplicity 7216. It has the hoop shape which is still present in 1869-70, and it appears (esp. from the larger version made up by Farthingales) to have a bustled shape at the top back (and I could always add a pad if needed).

So, here's my question -- what do you think? Does the Simplicity 7216 look like a better option to you, or am I crazy?

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