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It’s Fun to Go AWOL!

Over the past month or so, since I last posted, I have:

  • Been crazy busy with work
  • Performed with Bella Donna at Ardenwood Renaissance Faire, the (Ashland) Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show, and the Festival of Harps.  This weekend, we’re at the Folsom Renaissance Faire.
  • Bought linen canvas from Burnley & Trowbridge for my 1780s stays
  • Done absolutely no sewing at all
  • Had CADD (Costume Attention Deficit Disorder) and obsessed about making a medieval costume (I know, me? who knew!), a pre-Raphaelite gown (dredging up all those Waterhouse paintings I loved when I was about 17), and a sheer 1870s natural form lots-o-ruffles summer dress (naughty Peri put on The Portrait of a Lady while we were draping her!)
  • Draped a robe a la francaise for Peri (hence the Portrait of a Lady viewing)
  • Done some noodling on my website (recoding some of the archives, redoing the Costume Portfolio page, 18th c. printed cottons page, updated my links page, and put lots of old event photos up on Flickr [more to come])
  • Plotted for a dinner for Lumieres, the GBACG Duchess of Devonshire Tea, and other soon-to-be-announced costume madness

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of it!  This weekend:  Folsom Renaissance Faire.  Then the following weekend I’m going to Disneyland (YAY KERMIT ARMS).  Then maybe I’ll have some sewing time!  And with work FINALLY starting to calm down, I should have some blogging time too.

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