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1909 Edwardian Suit

One $94 trip to Lacis and one marathon 5pm-1am sewing session later, and we have achieved corset! Yes, I’m insane… but I wanted to wear my Wings of the Dove dress to the GBACG Open House today just cause I had a yen to… but the thought of wearing my too small teens corset and being uncomfortable did NOT sound fun. Plus I got a bee in my bonnet. I’m weird that way.

It was relatively straightforward to put together — I do have a big awl stab in one my fingers (and bled on the corset — yay!). Forgot to buy one piece of boning so one side of one of the side seams is awaiting boning… but since I’d already put a similar corset together I pretty much knew the drill. Plus since I’ve invested in a grommet setting kit, that part has gotten much better (much fun to bang grommets on the fireplace at 1am! Yay!).

Not the most flattering pictures — I look pretty sausage-like — but it’s true to the teens tubular silhouette. And, most importantly, it’s A) stripey and B) SO COMFORTABLE. Wow. Right. Fitted corset = comfort. Forgot about that one!

And now I can sell my old one and try to recoup some money.

corset corset corset
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  • Reply meganockas August 10, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Hi Demode, that's a really great job on your corset. I love the stripye fabric.

    What did you use for boning? It looks at though it might be plastic, because the back closure isn't straight.

    If you use flat steels either side of the lacing you will find that the corset will be even more supportive and will give you more shape. I normally use spiral wires in the rest of my corsets because it's more comfortable and allows a greater freedom of movement but I recommend flat steels centre front (if you're not using a busk) and centre back.

    Good luck with your sewing projects.

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