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Real Women’s Clothing

There’s a raft of new updates to the Real Women’s Clothing directory — don’t ask, I had a run of luck the other night while searching! Some really really gorgeous things in there, particularly in the 18th c. section, from the Museo del Traje in Spain (although if you get a Microsoft SQL error when you open the page, hit “refresh” on your browser and that seems to take care of it).

One of the most entertaining of these is the supposedly 1780 gown (hideous!) at the Museo del Traje that is obviously the inspiration for one of Natalie Portman’s costume (more hideous!) in the upcoming film Goya’s Ghosts — we’ve been picking it all apart on Livejournal (credit LJ heileen for the find). What do you think? 1780 – huh? Hideous or only midly offensive?

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