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Costume Con – I’m Off!

Whew, I think I just packed the entire house! Lots of sewing the last 2 weeks, but I finished most everything on Sunday morning. Of course, since then I’ve been working on masquerade documentation, making packing lists, etc. You’d think I was off for an Arctic trek!

The current plan is to wear Bet on Friday (I never would have thought I would, but Cynthia is wearing Nancy, and Nancy needs her Bet! Besides, it’s comfy, which I want for day costumes), the evening version of the candy cane bustle dress Friday night, the 1923 black & white dress on Saturday (again, comfy, plus the hat is fabulous), Florentine on Saturday night (dressy but also comfy, since I’ll be sitting for hours at the scifi masquerade), jeans on Sunday (you know I’ll be sick of corsets by then!), the secret masquerade dress on Sunday night (details as soon as I get back!). And the mourning dress will be in the exhibit – I promise a full report when I get back!

Anyone who is coming, a few things to plug – first, on Friday we’ll be recording a special Con edition of the Frock Flicks podcast, with audience interaction! (12:30-2pm in the Gateway Foyer). Also on Friday, I’ll be hanging out at the exhibit 3-4 for the “meet the costumer” hour (there are set times to chat w/ the people who made costumes in the exhibit). On Saturday, I’ll be demoing bodice draping (2-3:15 in San Jose).

Hope to see many of you there!

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