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Moulin Rouge Party

So I really didn’t much care for Moulin Rouge when it first came out — see my review in which I complain about the seizure-inducing editing and period-esque costumes. But I was talked into attending the 5th annual Moulin Rouge party, mostly because it was held in an amazing Victorian home and because it just sounded like fun. So I hauled out various Victorian undies and my vintage 1920s kimono and off I went — and had a lovely time! The house was stunning in and of itself, and beautifully decorated. Everyone was dressed fabulously, with costumes ranging from Victorian undies to traditional Indian attire. And while it’s still not my favorite movie ever, I have to say a second viewing improved it (maybe it was the champagne?)

I only took a few photos, partly because a professional photographer was there (I’ll cross-post when those images surface) and because I was trying to take natural light photos, so not all turned out. But what did is here.

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