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Got my classes for Costume College – yay! I got into Sleeve Drafting (triple yay) and Blackwork (which were the only ones I wanted), waitlisted for Sally Queen. Oh well, if I don’t get in I’ll take a nap and be well rested for the Thurs. evening festivities (and maybe even have enough energy to dress up!), which brings me to…(warning: boring rambling ahead)

What to wear to Costume College? <– whiny voice. I usually go with what I’ve made the past year, which is very pathetic this year: I made the LOTR dress and the evening bodice to my candy cane 1875 dress (I wore the day version last year). Pathetic! Of course, I have all the half-started/finished projects, like the 1780s jacket, the 1909 suit, and the 1560s Nuremberg dress.

Or I can go with what classes I’m teaching — Saturday I’m doing Venetian Renaissance (so I could wear my courtesan gown, which I wore last year); Sunday is 1830s (at 9am!! I’m so not dressing up for that) and 18th century (I’ll wear my robe a l’anglaise (ex-roundgown, ex-caraco).

So. What to do? I have a yen to crank some things out in time, but then I have all these half-finished projects which irritate me… Hrm. The one thing I do know is I want to make the 1910 Lady Maud Warrender dress for the gala. So that means:

Thurs. night LiveJournal meetup: ??
Friday: ??
Saturday day: ?? (maybe courtesan dress for the class, altho I wore it last year?)
Saturday night (Gala): 1910 Lady Maud dress
Sunday: 1780s robe a l’anglaise (indienne print/current project)

Finished contenders for all the ?? slots include: 1910 Wings of the Dove dress, 1923 Gatsby dress, LOTR dress.
Unfinished contenders include: 1780s jacket (not too hard, fix the fitting issues and maybe make a stomacher), 1909 suit (which I really want to make, but seems like it may take a really long time to complete), 1560s Nuremberg dress (not too bad, just have to find trim for the brustfleck, remake bodice, make sleeves), 1796 dress (which I’ve been really really meaning to make for years), or the 10 yards of black silk satin in my closet that is crying out to be an 1880s afternoon gown or turn-of-the-century ball gown.


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