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Events – PEERS Fairytale Ball & GBACG Buckram Bonnet Workshop

After being literally tied to my computer for about a month with heinously huge work deadlines (literally!), I’ve finally been able to get out and about!

Two weekends ago I went to the GBACG Victorian bonnet workshop, where I finally learned how to work with buckram. Yay! The class was great, most especially because Frannie and I were very punchy and basically whined (and laughed) through most of it. Lynne is as always such a fabulous teacher (and her work is amazing — you can see her in one of her bonnets here on the right). I was most excited that she brought one of her OWN patterns, so we got to work on a really period 1850-60s bonnet shape, and not the typical “Dickens bonnet.” I was waiting to take some pictures of the bonnet (still in progress), but I’m not 100% sure whether I’m going to stick with my original plan (which doesn’t really work with any of my current or planned outfits). I have plans for a sheer 1860s dress for next summer, so I may redo the bonnet to work with that.

Then last Saturday I went with Katie and Bridget to the PEERS Fairytale Masquerade ball. It was lovely, particularly because only about 1/3 of the number of people I usually see at PEERS balls were there, so there was actually ROOM to move around and dance (gasp!). I wore my courtesan dress with a glinty butterfly mask (I decided I was a princess — that’s fairytale enough!). I had fun dancing, but most especially enjoyed getting to dress up. Yay dress up! Pictures

Now I just have to get back to some sewing (I’ve been working on my 1780s jacket and am actually near to done, but I need to take some pictures so I can update that diary). Then I need to get back to work on my 1770s Paris dress and start thinking about my Costume College gala dress. Phew!

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