Getting Organized

I know it’s boring, but it’s been driving me crazy. The fabric bins were starting to overflow, projects were getting shoved randomly into shovable corners, it wasn’t pretty in there. Earlier this week I cleaned the bedroom (also the sewing room), last night I got organized (mentally and physically).

It’s really been bugging me to have all these half-finished projects, so I really need to start buckling down and completing at least the ones for which I have fabric. Nothing terribly exciting to report, just that I’ve decided to work in this order:

  1. 1780s jacket to wear with ivory petticoat, stripey capote. No more only sewing on BART (although I did finally get coordinating thread and did start sewing this morning on the train!). Just get this one done. 7/15/06 deadline — to wear at the first Lumieres event.
  2. 1910 evening dress over existing undies. 8/4/06 deadline — to wear at the Costume College gala (and misc. balls afterwards).
  3. The Paris dress: 1770s caraco and petticoat over existing undies. 8/20/06 — to wear at the GBACG Let Them Drink Wine event.
  4. 1909 suit, including new fancy embroidered/trimmed undies (specifically, corset cover and petticoat; maybe drawers); make coordinating 1909-10 hat and recover vintage parasol. No deadline — just because I need to finish what I’ve started.

In between all of this, I want to make some modern clothes (esp. a bunch of versions of my favorite below-knee-length A line skirt that I already have patterned), and a repro 1940s princess line coat that is in the beginning stages of assembly (but has been moldering in my closet for about 6 months).

Next year:

  • All I know for sure is I need a sheer 1860-65ish summer dress for a Little Women event I’m thinking about for GBACG, plus I need to finish the coordinating bonnet
  • I have 10 years of black silk duchess satin that needs to be made into something (I’m thinking severe yet smashing 1880s afternoon dress with black beaded appliques adapted from a vintage bodice I got on ebay)
  • And I have this 1890s evening gown all fully mocked up and patterned, but realized I didn’t want to make it out of poly satin… so it’s filed in the back of my mind as waiting for the right fabric
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