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As I’m thinking about this, I may as well be posting about it! Last year my sewing plans were very tied to upcoming events; this year, there aren’t a lot of events that I want to sew for (either I already have something to wear and am not inspired to make something new, or I’m just not inspired — exception being the 18th century event GBACG has planned for summer). My rationalization is that this style is close enough to 1906 that should there be an exciting costume event this April (which is the San Francisco earthquake centennial), I could wear this. And if not, then I’ll wear it to Costume College and make sure we have an Edwardian event next year! This whole project will be really complicated, but the only other deadline I’ve got is to make my 18th c. event by June.

So who doesn’t want to make this pattern? While it hasn’t gotten the best reviews, it sounds like the problem is mostly with the sewing directions rather than the pattern shapes. Plus, while I’ve been doing a lot of draping and drafting lately, it hasn’t been for tailored items and I’d like some guidance. Not only doing I want to make the suit, but I also want to finally make this Past Patterns blouse that I’ve been eyeing for some time. AND I’ve been having fits of lust for really fancy undies lately, and what better era to do fancy undies for than Edwardian? AND I really need to make a new, (ahem) slightly larger version of my 1910s corset.

Now, I’m really not an Edwardian type of girl. I couldn’t do dainty to save my life. So 1908-09 is a great compromise era for me, in that there’s still some Edwardian elements but with the more tailored silhouette that will develop into the 1910s style.

So, what is Ms. Costume ADD obsessing about right now? Well, I’ve been scouring the earth for lace insertion and edging for my undies (more to come) that doesn’t break the bank but is still attractive — thank god for ebay! And I’ve been worrying about the forthcoming tailoring that will be required on this project, especially the jacket. With that in mind, does anyone have any book resources to recommend on tailoring? I’m really hoping to find one book that will teach me just what I need to know, not everything. The second I start thinking about interfacing I start having heart palpitations… Any recommendations?

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