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Costume Designers Guild Awards

The Costume Designers Guild has announced their nominees for 2006. Of interest to me are:

Period film:
– Curse of the Golden Flower (Chung Man Yee)
– Dreamgirls (Sharen Davis)
– Illusionist (Ngila Dickson)
– Marie Antoinette (Milena Canonero)
– Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (Penny Rose)

I am OBVIOUSLY rooting for Marie Antoinette here, baby.

Fantasy film:
– Eragon (Kym Barrett)
– Pan’s Labyrinth (Lala Huete)
– The Fountain (Renée April)
– X-Men: The Last Stand (Judianna Makovsky)
– V for Vendetta (Sammy Sheldon)

Sadly, of these I’ve only seen X-Men. Must see The Fountain for sure.

Made for TV movie/miniseries:
– Bleak House (Andrea Galer)
– Elizabeth I (Mike O’Neill)
– High School Musical (Tom McKinley)
– Into the West (Michael T. Boyd)
– Mrs. Harris (Julie Weiss)

I gotta go with Elizabeth I, of course!

Period/fantasy TV series:
– Cold Case (Patia Prouty & Maria Schicker)
– Deadwood (Katherine Jane Bryant)
– Rome (April Ferry)

I’m sorry, Cold Case is period/fantasy how? I haven’t seen any of these (I suck!) but I think I’ll root for Rome nonetheless.

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  • Reply Kendra January 16, 2007 at 10:34 pm

    Cold Case = flashbacks. Ah!

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