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Costume College Teaching – Thinking Ahead

I’m starting to think about what I’ll teach at Costume College next year, as they are putting together a preliminar list of classes. Right now it’s looking like I’ll be repeating my 18th Century Overview, plus doing a lecture/demo on 18th Century Hair & Makeup (models needed!! Ideally I’d like to have three different models who come to class with their hair set in rollers, so I can style one of each into a 1760s, 1770s, and 1780s look, plus do makeup on one). Less likely is that I’d do a class on library research for costumers. Next year (2008) I’d like to do a demo on How to Drape a 1760s-70s Robe a la Francaise, but I need to make at least one more so I’m sure I have the technique down (don’t want to go claiming I’m an expert yet). Hmm!

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