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Costume College Classes (Mine)

Just got my list of what I’ll be teaching at Costume College. Three overviews of women’s costume: 1830s, late 16th c. venice, and 1750-1780. Yay! Should be fun. The 1830s one I’ve done twice before, so that’s easy. Just did the 18th c. one at Costume Academy; I’ll make some tweaks to that. And the Venice one should be fun as I’ve done way too much research on that, plus it hasn’t been done before at CC to my knowledge.

Now here’s a random question for you Costume College attendees: do you like it better when the instructor wears a costume from the period, so you can see what it looks like on and (hopefully) get inspired? Or would you prefer to have the costume on a hanger/mannequin, so you can look at the construction?

And I guess this helps me determine which costumes I’m hauling to Costume College this year! Although I still need something new and fabulous for the gala… Hmm. I was considering making this 1910 evening dress, but now I have the 18th c. bug! I could wear my caraco and petticoat but I don’t think that will be very showy, or my 1875 evening gown which is very showy, but I wore the day version last year (so maybe it won’t seem very exciting to sort-of wear again. Although it is really cute, imho). Hmm! What do you think?

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