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Belmont Stakes Images

Sorry for the delay – I’ve put up version 1 of my photos from GBACG’s Belmont Stakes event. Version 2 will be forthcoming as soon as the overachiever husband finishes fiddling with our group pictures (moral of the story: don’t ask the artist to merge panoramic photos, especially when he has 50 other important things to do, because even if you say “never mind” he will insist on doing it, but then run out of time).

The event itself was excessively fun. Everyone looked REALLY fabulous — there were lots of stripeys (yay!) plus our very own 1912 Barbie (“betting on horses is hard!”). We were seated right next to the windows, so had a great view, and it was a quick walk down to the paddock and racetrack. I had fun making my $2 bets and even won a few (okay, and lost a few too, but how could I not bet on a horse named Plush Velvet?).

I’ll get the group photos up as soon as I can.

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