costume in cinema

Costume in Cinema

Okee dokee! Just added a review of Iron Jawed Angels to my 20th c. costume movies page.

I was doing some web surfing and came across some great photos of The Aviator (which I am DYING to see), plus The Phantom of the Opera (which I’m more inclined to see, given how gorgeous it’s looking — but I still want a mute button).

Finally, it’s not really not so much a review as a report: rented and tried to watch Russian Ark. Made it through the first 20 min., got bored enough to watch the rest on fast forward. As costumes go, you basically get a lot of 1830s, a little bit of mid-18th c., and a little bit of 1900’s pre-Revolution. I admit that I’m the type who needs at least a little bit of plot to get me through, and there was really none — plus even the costumes weren’t exciting enough to hold my interest.

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