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- Fabric -

Vintage 18th Century Green Cotton Print by Waverly – $40


4 yards 17″ x 36″ wide, plus a scrap that is 27″ by 20″ wide. That’s $10/yard, which is a very good deal for a repro cotton print!


Yellow Green Silk Taffeta – $15

1 yard 4″ x 45″ wide. That’s $15 a yard, which is a very good deal these days.


Copper Orange Silk Taffeta – $30

2 yards 5″ x 58″ wide. That’s $15 a yard, which is a very good deal these days.


Cotton/Spandex Stretch Corduroy – $10

Dark grey blue. Lots of stretch. Very narrow wale, almost looks like velvet.

3 yards 14″ x 51″ wide.


In the shade


In direct sunlight.

Pale Green Silk Taffeta – $120

8 yards — 55″ wide. That’s $15/yard, which is a very good deal these days.


Vintage Painted Blue Cotton BORDER PRINT – $35

I’m guessing 1950s, but it would work for 1940s-1960s.

4 yards 17″ — 36″ wide. That’s enough for a dress!


Yes it’s in dire need of an ironing. There’s a row of smaller flowers, then larger flowers below.


The flowers are purple and blue, with green leaves.


There are a few flaws. This is probably the worst section, with some darker spots (about the size of a dime or smaller) and a faded section. There are a few other darker spots and faded sections, but they’re pretty small and well spaced out, so you could easily cut around them.


Olive Green Silk Faille – $160

Medium weight — heavier than a good silk taffeta.

8 yards 17″ — 46″ wide. That’s $20/yard, which is a very good deal these days.



Scalamandre Silk/Linen Brocatelle – $40

“Davis” (97459-001). Reproduction 19th century print, although it would work well for 18th century as well. Dark green and pale gold. 75% silk, 25% linen. You can see more info about the fabric here.

1 yard — 48″ wide.


Color is most accurate in this pic.

IMG_6262 IMG_6264


Muted Orange Silk Taffeta – $90

Changeable silk. The overall effect is muted orange, but close up you can see the threads are orange and grey.

6 yards 20″ — 54.5″ wide. That’s $15/yard, which is a very good deal these days.

IMG_6269 IMG_6270

6 Pieces Provencal Print – $25

Indienne/Provencal print on mustard yellow. Probably meant to be placemats. I bought them because they’re perfect as an 18th century print, and I was thinking I could make a jacket and piece it out of these pieces… and I’m clearly never going to get around to that! Purchased from one of only two surviving manufacturers of printed cotton fabrics in the south of France.

Measuring to the outside of the print border (not the raw edge), each piece is 16.5″ by 11.25″.


Tropical print sheer silk/cotton – $20

2 yards long by 56″ wide.

Burgundy Cotton STRETCH Sateen – $15
Prewashed, so it’s lost some of its sheen. Can’t remember the exact percentages, but it’s definitely got stretch to it so some level of spandex.
3 1/3 yds, 44″ wide

Vintage Cotton Print – $15
Pale yellow background with atomic flowers.  There’s some blue splotches on the fabric (see pic for an example), but you could definitely cut around them.
1 yd 22″, 36″ wide

Vintage 1940s Rayon Print Fabric – 42 by 21.5 piece – $15
Vintage 1940’s rayon print fabric in gray with teal, pink, and white flowers and black abstract bands.
Size:  one piece, 21.5″ long by 42″ wide.  Two selvage edges are included along the 42″ width.  The second picture shows the full length of the fabric, with the fabric folded in half along the width.
Condition:  This piece shows stitching marks along the selvage and cut edge (ie was sewn to something along both 42″ width edges, then was unpicked at one point).  There is a very small 1/2″ circular hole in one bottom corner (see 3rd pic), and a larger 1″ hole (see 4th pic) in another bottom corner (both could be easily cut around, as they are in the very corners). There is a faint brown stain (see 5th pic) — looks like a water mark? — which is 3″ long by 2.5″ wide; this stain is about 1.5″ in from one selvage edge, and about midway along the length of the fabric (in other words, it’s very close to the edge, and cut be cut off or cut around — if you cut off that strip, you’d lose about 4.5″ from the width).  I haven’t tried cleaning it, but it’s quite possible it could be removed.


- Trim, Buttons, Appliques -

Vintage Floral Ribbon — $40

2 yards plus 4″ long — 3 5/8″ wide including the picot edges.

I’m not sure about era, but it would work for 18th century up to present!


Two Vintage Silk Appliques – $30

Various colors separated by gold threads. In shockingly good condition. Each applique measures roughly 7″ by 4.5″


Vintage Dark Brown Stripped Feathers – $15

Ostrich.  There’s at least 20 feathers, if not more.


- Vintage Clothes -

Vintage 1950s Cocktail Dress – $89

This dress is magic.  Seriously, I think I wore it about 3-4 times in college and each time, something amazingly wonderful happened.  You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.  I hate to part with it, but the idea of it ever fitting again is laughable.  My favorite detail is how the satin bow across the bust swoops into the side back gores.


  • Bust = 38″
  • Waist = 32″
  • Hips = 48″
Condition:  very good.  The only thing I spot is that the center back seam has pulled away from the zipper for about .5″ at the base of the zipper.  However, because the zipper is under there, you wouldn’t even need to fix this. The black lace is not as faded looking as it shows in the photos — it’s a hard one to capture!

Vintage 1920s Black Silk Satin Evening Coat – $149:

– Black mid-weight satin
– Long sleeves with cuffs
– Lined in fabulous silk deco print fabric – green on beige
– Loops for buttons at neck (1) and waist/hips (2)

– No label – could be homesewn, but if so, it’s done incredibly well
– Fabric is definitely silk
– Condition: excellent. The buttons that originally were at the neck and waist/hips are missing. There are incredibly faint marks where they once were, and you really can’t see them unless you peer. So, you could replace the buttons at their original spot, or place them somewhere else for a different size, or just wear it open (which is what I did). There are also a few stray marks on the silk — I included a close up shot of one shoulder, which has two of these faint marks on it, as a representation. There are only a few of these, however. Otherwise, it looks pretty typical for a 90 year old garment! It’s vintage, and I can’t guarantee you won’t find some teeny tiny pinhole.

It appears to have been meant to overlap some to close, so I’ll give measurements for if you were to replace the buttons and wear it closed, or if you were to wear it open.

If you were to replace the buttons at their original spot and wear it closed:
BUST = 44″
WAIST = 45″
HIPS = 50″

If you were to wear it without buttons (as is), and just let the fronts meet edge to edge:
BUST = 50″
WAIST = 52″
HIPS = 56″

Length back neckline to hem: 47″

Real Fur Collar — $30

Super dark brown. I don’t know furs so I can’t guess what animal it’s from, but there’s a chocolate brown undercoat and longer very dark glossy hairs. Lined with a synthetic fabric. Measures about 35″ long.

Very good condition.

- Modern Clothes -

Orange cotton salwar kameez — $40

Includes tunic, sew-on-able sleeves, trousers, and shawl

Size 46″ bust

Brand new, never worn


Burgundy fuzzy wool cloche – $30

Stretchy — it just fits my 23″ size head. Brand new, never worn. Originally sold for $42.99.

- Vintage & Costume Patterns -

Vintage 1950s Blouse/Skirt/Vest Pattern – Bust 46 – $15

Sizing:  Bust 46, Hip 49

Condition:  Factory folds, original instructions.

Vintage 1950’s Dress Pattern – Bust 30 – McCall’s 9661 – $10

  • Sizing: Bust 30, Waist 25, Hip 33
  • Condition: Envelope shows lots of wear. Original instructions included. Pattern still in factory folds.

Vintage 1950’s Blouse and Slim Slacks Pattern – Bust 32 – McCall 9619 – $10

  • Sizing: Bust 32, Waist 26 1/2, Hip 35
  • Condition: Envelope shows lots of wear. Original instructions included. Pattern still in factory folds.

Vintage 1940s Women’s Suit Pattern – DuBarry 5788 – $10

  • Sizing: Bust = 30, Waist = 25, Hips = 33
  • Condition: envelope shows typical wear. Pattern in factory folds. Original instructions included.

Simplicity 5442 — 1860s day dress$2

Size 14-20

New, uncut

All these patterns shown in the below photo:

  • Aunt Martha’s transfer – Colonial girl with days of the week — $1
  • Simplicity 3673 — 1950s retro reprint — sizes 14-22 — $2
  • Simplicity 2654 — 1930s vintage — size 14 — $10


- Vintage Magazines & Fashion Plates -

Woman’s Home Companion, Aug. 1939 – $5

Good condition, minus wear on the spine and some creases on the cover.  Some color images inside, including ads and a nice 4 page spread with vintage pattern illustrations of women’s dresses.


Les Modes Parisiennes – March [1858-60?] – $10

Great condition except for 2 TEENY tears along the left side, and a tiny black dot to the right of the text at the bottom.

Les Modes Parisiennes, November [1858-63?] – $10

Good condition. Top and bottom edges were folded over at one point, and so have acidity marks (the brown lines) and a teeny tear on the bottom right side fold mark. Left side shows how it was torn out a little messily, but it’s all in the border, not the image. Teeny dark spot in the curtain above the lady-in-pink’s head.

Les Modes Parisiennes, 1860 – $10

Great condition. The top and bottom were folded and so have acidity marks (the brown lines) at the top and bottom of the image. 2 teeny tears along the fold lines at the right side.

Les Modes Parisiennes [1850-58?] – $10

Great condition. Top and bottom were folded so there are acidity marks (the brown lines), plus some acidity along the left side. Top right and both bottom corners are a little bit torn up.


- Misc! -

“Best Dressed” Costume Exhibit (Philadelphia Museum of Art) Poster – $10

Very good condition. Poster is 31″ long by 24″ wide.