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Well Hello There, Long-Neglected Blog!

I’ve been blogging about historical costume since 2002. Thirteen years later, and I think I’ve gotten burned out! Obviously. I’m still dressing up and performing, and still sewing, although at a slower pace than previously. I think I’ve just been at this so long, plus now there are so many blogs and other ways to interact with other costumers, plus maybe I’m old and tired? I also performed at Dickens Fair this year, which sucked up November & December. Plus, I’m also still recovering from the wig book!

I did do some sewing for Dickens Fair. I made this circa 1862 day dress:

I have also been blogging up a STORM over at Frock Flicks, where if you missed Snark Week, you must be living under a rock. Particular favorites among blogs posts I wrote include Reign’s Wedding Dress and Historical Accuracy and 8 Things Costume Movies Screw Up, 18th Century Edition.

However, I CAN promise that I am really really planning to make the 18th century court dress for Costume College, and I WILL blog/dress diary about it. Promise! I’ve even got a post in mind, which will happen very soon.

So. Hi!


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  • Reply Lylassandra February 11, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    Wow, that green dress is stunning!

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