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Sewing at a Leisurely Pace

Although my mind is currently (as always) BUZZING with project ideas, and I’d much rather be sewing than doing anything else… I am forcing myself to stay on track with the idea of leisurely sewing.  I have no looming deadlines, other than things I WANT to make, so I am determined to sew for fun and not to get stressed out.  I’ll wear the new red & white polonaise to the Costume College gala, and I have options to wear for all the various events coming up.  So things will get done when they get done.

To that end, I’ve been noodling on the Brunswick.  Mostly, it’s been doing the real sewing where I previousy basted.  I did finally pleat the skirt, and last night I cut out and started sewing the lower sleeves.  But it’s all very noodly around here!  I need to decide on cuffs vs. elbow ruffles, and trimming patterns, but before I commit to that I can finish the lower sleeves, make the hood, do buttons & buttonholes, and make the petticoat.  I do need to bribe someone to set my second sleeve, and to help me mark the jacket hem, as I’m not convinced it’s even (and I think the back dips down too much – it’s these hips o’ doom!).

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  • Reply Angela June 24, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    Kendra, you are thinking the same way I am. I seem to always sew with deadlines and at the last minute. I really want to leisurely sew because the rush and fuss takes all the joy out of the process. So, I ‘plan’ to use some of my summer vacation to cutout and prep a few sewing projects and work on them as the whim ebbs and flows: A Chemise dress, 1840’s day dress and a few outfits for the LA Art Deco event on the Queen Mary and Gatsby Summer Picnic. Phew! What fun. ag

  • Reply Ruth June 29, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    I’m exactly the same, so many ideas buzzing around. Though unfortunately I do have deadlines.
    I found your blog recently and its is really interesting to learn how you do everything, I am in the early planning stages of making an 18th century outfit, including all the underpinnings and I have a feeling I’l be checking back here a lot.

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