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real women's clothing, 1600-1919








real women's clothing, 1600-1919

directory of photographs of extant women's clothing from the 17th c. through the edwardian era in museums around the world

Happily and unhappily, it has gotten to the point where there are so many extensive costume collections online that I can no longer keep up with updating this directory.  I will leave this directory online, but it will no longer be updated.

Instead, I have created and will continue to maintain the DIGITAL COLLECTIONS OF EXTANT COSTUMES directory, which points to online collections databases, highlights, exhibitions, etc. that include costume.





These pages consist of links to photographs of actual articles of women's clothing in museums* around the world from the year 1600 to the year 1919. These pages, which originally only included Victorian clothing, were inspired by Cathy Decker's Real Regency Clothes website, which is a fabulous resource for that period.

*Occasionally I will include items from places other than museums, but only if the images are good quality and the URLs are stable.

Organization: the listings are organized by time period, under which you will find listings organized first chronologically, and then by type of garment.

Dating: All dates, except those marked with a ?, are those supplied by museums. You can assume that most dates have a "circa" attached to them -- I got tired of typing "c."  I've added a few parenthetical comments when I believe the item has been misdated -- feel free to contact me about dating.

Descriptions: Because some websites rely on search results that are session-dependent and do not allow direct linking, occasionally I have linked only to images. In that case, I have tried to indicate a search path to the item description (if possible). Need to translate a description or webpage? Try Babelfish.

Geographic data: has only been entered when indicated by the museum's description. I'm no good at guessing on this one!

Content: I've mostly omitted accessories and outerwear... one can only do so much!

Please note: because of copyright concerns, each of the links below connects to pages at various museums. To get back to this site, click the back button on your browser. (Try the new Firefox browser, which allows you to open links in new tabs! Fabulous!) Whenever possible, I've linked to a page with both images and description.  However, because some sites do not allow direct linking to individual pages, occasionally I've had to link to images only.

Note: It's worthwhile to browse through online vintage/antique clothing dealers. However, because they are selling their stock, I don't want to link to specific garments. Instead, I recommend that you browse the following stores: Karen Augusta Antique Lace & Fashion, TheFROCK.com, Antique & Vintage Dress Gallery, Woodland Farms Antiques, and Vintage Textile.

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