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The Baronne de Pierres - Created & Modeled by Bridget Bradley-Scaife

Baronne de Pierres
Baronne de Pierres
The Baronne de Pierres
Bridget as the Baronne


The painting appears to be silk tulle.  Due to cost constraints, silk organza was used to recreate this dress.  The bows would have originally been made from silk moiré taffeta.   Bridget used a rayon moiré taffeta, which give the same sheen and appearance as the original.  The bodice and bertha are made from silk satin, and the trim on the bodice and skirt is self-fabric made trim of silk organza.

fabric fabric


The Simplicity Ballgown Pattern was used as a basic block and final pattern became unique creation.  Bertha was draped and created as a separate piece with no closures to resemble many originals.  Bertha is trimmed with a silk organza flounce with self-trim and adorned with bows at the shoulders.

bodice bodice


Organza Skirt is made of three flounces with scalloped ruching on edges, gathered on to a silk organza base skirt.  A silk taffeta underskirt is used as lining.  Bows are placed intricately throughout the flounces.

skirt Baronne de Pierres


Chemise and drawers made by Katherine Caron-Greig after authentic examples, utilizing Elizabeth Stewart Clark patterns.


Gold bracelet with blue cabochon pendant was hand crafted.



Hair attachments and cap made to mirror picture.

hair bodice
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