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1796 Dress

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sheer white cotton voile (overdress) and white linen underbodice)

the pattern

Custom drafted from Andersen, Ellen. Moden 1790-1840. Copenhagen: Nationalmuseet : A. Busck, c1986.

the deadline

the result

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Timeline of Costume History: 1789-1800

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Andersen, Ellen. Moden 1790-1840. Copenhagen: Nationalmuseet : A. Busck, c1986.

Starobinski, Jean, et al. Revolution in Fashion, 1715-1815. New York: Abbeville Press, 1989.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Okay, so if I don't have at least two projects going at once, I'll die! So sue me!

I found this book recently in the art library at USC (where I work):
Andersen, Ellen. Moden 1790-1840. Copenhagen: Nationalmuseet : A. Busck, c1986.

It's a fabulous book on Danish clothing of the period (written in Danish, but the images have English translations and there's an English-language abstract at the back of the book). I picked up the book because it had photos of extant garments (my passion -- I collect museum catalogs for this reason), and was THRILLED to find scaled patterns for many of the garments in the book! So of course, I just had to make one...

[FYI, there's a companion book to this one: Bech, Viben. Moden 1840-1890. Copenhagen: Nationalmuseet, c1989. Same deal as to scaled patterns in this book.]

So the dress I chose to start with is the c. 1796 dress:

1796 Dress1796 Dress

It has a really interesting construction: a linen underbodice that provides the structure to the garment, and a sheer nettlecloth (cloth actually spun out of nettles!) overdress with great pleats in back. I've always liked the dresses of the very late 18th century, so I'm really excited to start on this one. Plus I'll be able to put my newfound pattern drafting skills to work!

Bjarne, an h-costumer who makes some AMAZING costumes, translated the construction notes on the scaled pattern (for which I will be forever indebted!). I found some sheer cotton voile on sale at my local fabric store (can't imagine I'd come by nettlecloth anywhere around here!), and I'm going to order some medium-weight linen from Fabrics-store.com. I don't *think* I'm going to attempt the embroidery at the hem, although you never can tell with me... I go in for that masochistic type of thing!

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