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Oscar/CDG Noms!

Oscar nominations are out!

Costume Design

  • “Alice in Wonderland” Colleen Atwood
  • “I Am Love” Antonella Cannarozzi
  • “The King’s Speech” Jenny Beavan
  • “The Tempest” Sandy Powell
  • “True Grit” Mary Zophres

Hmm.  HMM!  The only one I’ve even seen was “True Grit,” and yes the costumes were very well done.  Guess I need to get busy — at least I need to see “The King’s Speech”!  It’s not an obvious year — there’s no “Marie Antoinette” to knock everyone out of the park with over-the-top historical costumes.  It’s kind of interesting that this year, a less showy film could win!  I’m guessing “Alice” will be the obvious choice — Colleen Atwood is great — but I kind of hope something less flashy (eg “True Grit”) wins it.  This is all hypothetical, of course, because I’ve only seen one of the five!

Costume Designers Guild Nominations

These are often more interesting, just because there are various categories within costume.  Plus it’s coming from the actual costume designers themselves!

Excellence in Contemporary Film:

  • “Black Swan” – Amy Westcott
  • “Burlesque” – Michael Kaplan
  • “Inception” – Jeffrey Kurland
  • “The Social Network” – Jacqueline West
  • “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” – Ellen Mirojnick

Just saw “Black Swan” the other night, and based on the overall design of the film, I hope that wins!  Of course, I haven’t seen all of these…

Excellence in Period Film:

  • “The Fighter” – Mark Bridges
  • “The King’s Speech” – Jenny Beavan
  • “True Grit” –Mary Zophres

I’m going to say “True Grit” FTW!

Excellence in Fantasy Film:

  • “Alice in Wonderland” – Colleen Atwood
  • “The Tempest” – Sandy Powell
  • “TRON: Legacy” – Michael Wilkinson and Christine Bieselin Clark

Haven’t seen any.

Outstanding Made for Television Movie or Miniseries:

  • “The Pacific” – Penny Rose
  • “Temple Grandin” – Cindy Evans
  • “You Don’t Know Jack” – Rita Ryack

Ditto – nada, although “Temple Grandin” is totally on my list of need-to-watch-soon.

Outstanding Contemporary Television Series:

  • “Big Love” – Chrisi Karvonides-Dushenko
  • “Dancing with the Stars” – Randall Christensen, Daniella Gschwendtner, Steven Norman Lee
  • “Glee” – Lou Eyrich
  • “Modern Family” – Alix Friedberg
  • “Treme” – Alonzo Wilson

No opinion, other than to say “Dancing with the Stars” – ha!

Outstanding Period/Fantasy Television Series:

  • “Boardwalk Empire” – John A. Dunn, Lisa Padovani
  • “Mad Men” – Janie Bryant
  • “The Tudors” – Joan Bergin

Oh please let it be “The Tudors”!  But seriously, either “Mad Men” or “Boardwalk Empire” — both are fab.

Excellence in Commercial Costume Design:

  • “Chanel – Bleu de Chanel” – Aude Bronson-Howard
  • “Dior – Charlize Theron – J’Adore” – Lisa Michelle Boyd
  • “Dos Equis – The Most Interesting Man in the World” – Julie Vogel
  • “Netflix – Western” – Lydia Paddon
  • “Target – Preparing for Race/Black Friday” – Michelle Martini

I know nothing!

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  • Reply Jessamyn January 27, 2011 at 12:17 am

    There was a little profile on the Tempest costumes in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar (I forget) and the one they showed was totally amazing, really blew Alice out of the water to my mind. Too bad the film was apparently not worthy of such costuming.

    And yes, you really, really, really need to see The King’s Speech. Wonderful on so many levels! It was so good that I scarcely noticed the costuming, which is really saying something.

  • Reply Anthony January 27, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    Kendra I would high recommend seeing I am love, it is a contemporary film but the costume designes are extraordinary. The costumes remind me of the costumes in Hitchcock films. It is my pick because the costume designer seemed to put much thought in the clothes. They are pretty but have meaning.

    here is a link to the trailer:

    • Reply kendra January 27, 2011 at 9:18 pm

      Thanks for the recommendation, Anthony! I do recall seeing a photo from the film and thinking the design looked interesting; I’ll have to check it out!

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