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Preview the 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling book!

I’ve posted a few scattered pages from the 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling: History & Step-by-Step Techniques book, as well as a final table of contents, on the book’s website.

Of course, I had to choose some of the less exciting pages to post, as I don’t want to be giving anything away for free!

If you’ve been waiting to order a copy, I expect to have ordering up and running by this coming Thursday, June 5, 2014. (Reminder: the book should ship in early July). I will, of course, post far and wide when ordering is available!

18th century, 18th Century Hairdressing Book, 18th century wigs, publications

Ladies and Gents, We Have a Book!

Or, the printer has the files! I’m incredibly proud (and relieved) to announce that I’ve finished the 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling: History & Step-by-Step Techniques book manuscript. That’s 25 wigs and hairstyles DONE, piles of research DONE, piles of writing DONE, piles of editing and copyediting DONE, piles of images edited and annotated DONE… and probably more!

The official book cover!

People have been asking me over the past year, “So, what are you up to lately?” To which I say, “Wigs. Book. Wigs. Book.” Yeah, it kind of took over my life, as this dead and dormant blog will prove. It doesn’t help that I also had a research presentation to prep and give (yesterday!) for the Costume Society of America conference in Baltimore (where I still am!).

The good news is that I can now have a brain for things other than wigs and books. I’ll be posting previews from the book to whet your appetite, giving you some behind the scenes info, and also updating you on the 18th century court dress project (short version: postponed to 2015 for me and any other slackers! Overachievers, go for it for this year!), blogging about 18th century court dress… and hopefully more!

Right now, though, the important news: the book will be published in early July. I’ll have pre-orders open in the next week or so, and I’ll post here and on the book’s Facebook too.

18th century, 18th Century Hairdressing Book, 18th century wigs, publications

18th C. Hair/Wig Book – Five Days Left!

There are only five days left to pre-order your copy of 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling:  History & Step-by-Step Techniques, and save yourself $5 off the cost of the book!

I’m thrilled to announce that my Indiegogo campaign is fully funded!  This means I’m going to be able to print tons of copies, using high quality paper & binding, and include all of the tutorials that I planned.

So why should you still pre-order?  Because any additional sales gives me more money to use to license images from museums, meaning more fabulous and helpful 18th century images of hair (especially those elusive back views)!  And because if you pre-order before January 31, you save yourself $5!

Pre-orders close this Friday, January 31 at 11:59pm Pacific  Time.

Pre-Order the book here!

18th century, 18th Century Hairdressing Book, 18th century wigs, publications, research

18th C Hair & Wig Styling book – new perks! Onward!

Pre-orders have been going great with the 18th C Hair & Wig Styling book — I’m just over 50% funded, with 19 days left!  BUT I still have a long way to go, and orders have really slowed to a trickle.  So to encourage more pre-orders, I’ve added some new perks to the Indiegogo campaign!  You can pre-order the book with one of these new perks, OR just buy one of the perks without the book (if, for example, if you’ve already pre-ordered the book):

DONATE WITHOUT BUYING THE BOOK:  A few people have requested this.  You can contribute any amount to the project by using the “Contribute Now” button, but to make it easier, I’ve set it up to easily donate either $10 or $20 to the book project without buying the book.  This gets you my eternal gratitude and your name listed in the book as a supporter.  Also, for those who can’t currently afford the book but would like to see it happen and maybe buy it down the line, if you the $10 or $20 now (or any amount), I will credit you that amount if you buy the book at any time in the future… AND I will sell you the book for $45 minus your credit (rather than $50, the post-pre-order price) at any time.

DETAILED ACCOUNTS OF WIG MAKING & HAIR STYLING FROM THE 18TH CENTURY:  Would you be interested in reading the actual text of 18th century sources?  Then you should consider ordering my English translations of the VERY long, multi-page French descriptions of both from Diderot’s Encyclopedie (1776) and its later edition, the Encyclopedie Methodique (1789).  The 1776 source has been translated into English, but it’s long out of print and if you search for it at online used book stores, it will cost you a minimum of $20.  The 1789 source has not been translated into English to my knowledge (and I’m a librarian, so if it existed, I should be able to find it).  You can support the book project by donating $27 and receive both translations in a PDF document without buying the book (for example, if you’ve already pre-ordered the book), or you can pre-order the book AND get the translations for $75 total.

MARIE ANTOINETTE PENDANTWant to wear a bit of 18th century fabulousness every day?  I’ve designed a small silver pendant (.75″ diameter) with a reproduction of an 18th century fashion plate featuring Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette pendant

You can donate $32 to support the book project and receive just the pendant without the book for $32 (for example, if you’ve already pre-ordered the book), or pre-order the book AND get the pendant for $80 total.


IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT THE INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN:  Like I said, I’m well on my way, but I still have a long way to go!  If the Indiegogo campaign doesn’t get fully funded, I’m going to be limited in the amount of money I have to print the book.  This may mean that I will need to limit the number of copies I am able to print, which means I may not have extra copies to sell later on.  In other words, if you want a copy of this book, you should pre-order it before January 31, because you may not be able to buy a copy later!

18th century, 18th Century Hairdressing Book, 18th century wigs, publications

18th C. Hair & Wig Styling Book — Boys!

More information about the 18th C. Hair & Wig Styling Book, currently open for pre-orders (until Jan. 31):

Some people have asked what’s going on in terms of men’s hair (and wigs) in the book.

First, I’ve considered men’s hair/wigs equally with women’s in terms of the history portion of the book.  So if you’re interested in why men wore wigs and powder, how they styled their hair & wigs, and what styles are appropriate to which era, all of that will be included.

For the step-by-step styles, where I show you exactly how to style hair and wigs into 18th c. appropriate styles, I’ve chosen to do only three men’s styles.  This is for a couple of reasons:

  1. I think that the primary market for this book will be women.  Modern women tend to be more interested in hairstyles than men.  We all know that it’s often harder to get boys into historical hairstyles and wigs.
  2. While there was a wide variation of men’s hairstyles across the century, it’s the queue styles (wigs/styles with a ponytail) that were overall the most popular in the era — from the 1730s through the 1790s — and those are the styles most modern costumers and reenactors want to wear, and the styles most commonly chosen by theater/film designers.

So what I’ve chosen to do is to focus in on the queue hair/wig styles, showing you:

  • Which design elements are appropriate to which era — so if you’re doing a 1740s queue hairstyle or wig, there will be some differences from a 1780s hairstyle or wig.  How do you recognize them, and how do you STYLE them?  All that info will be included.
  • Which design variations are available to you — how to mix up the queue style so that you’re not always wearing the same style, or that various men within your unit/production are wearing different styles.  What can you do besides the basic ponytail?  What can you do with the hair on top?  Here’s a hint:  there’s tons of options!

An important note is that in the 18th century, even if a man didn’t wear a wig (and most English and French men did), he still styled his hair exactly the same, design-wise.  So all of this information applies, even if you (or the men you dress) aren’t into wearing wigs!

Down the line, IF this book is successful, I’m thinking I could publish a shorter supplement with more/new hair/wig styles.  In that case, I can show you how to make a full-bottom wig, bob wig, and some of the many other men’s styles of the era.  But for now, the book will focus on the queue (ponytail) wig.

Pre-Order Update

Pre-orders are going well, but I still have a long way to go to be able to afford to print this book!  If you’d like this book to exist, please pre-order now — it will save you some money, and ensure that the book happens!

Reminder: you have until January 31 to pre-order!