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GBACG Petit Trianon Event

The GBACG Petit Trianon event was FAAAAAABULOUS!  The venue — the Bellevue Club, located on Lake Merritt in Oakland — was simply gorgeous.  The main room we were in was 2 stories tall, with pink walls, gilt accents, antique-esque furniture… one of the better venues I’ve been in here in California!

Many of us were cast as specific characters, so I had a fabulous time running around play the Duchesse de Polignac.  We had Marie-Antoinette, Count Fersen, the Duchess of Devonshire, M. Leonard the famous hairdresser, the evil aunts Victoire & Adelaide (ok they weren’t EVIL), and — most entertainingly for in-character play — du Barry!  I had a great time talking up how TACKY she was all night, and accusing her of stealing my feathers.

The champagne flowed, there were hors d’oevres and little desserts, the bartender was dressed in an 18th c. outfit, the conversation was fabulous, there were elegant ladies and dashing gentlemen.  Yay!

I had my 1787ish round gown and silly hat done in plenty of time, which was quite nice.  I added some vintage millinery flowers to the hat and safety pinned it to my wig!  I’m still waiting on a light colored wig (backordered), so I used one of my darker Bella Donna wigs, just to mix things up.

I put all of my photos on Flickr.

1787 Silly Hat, 1787ish round gown, 18th century, projects

Too Subtle?

I didn’t know I was going to make some silly headwear to wear with my 1785ish round gown, until I ran into this silk gauze with tiny gold stripes at Stone Mountain & Daughter!  Oops!  I basically cut a giant circle and gathered it in two places, attached a bunch of vintage green rayon moire ribbon, and some feathers and a vintage rhinestone pin that belonged to my grandmother.  I may need to put some flowers on there somewhere, too!

My husband says that this is the soundtrack for this hat.

1787ish round gown, 18th century, projects

Getting Sidetracked: 1787ish Round Gown

So on July 9, the GBACG is hosting the Evening at the Petit Trianon, which besides being my favorite era is going to be at the Bellevue Club in a really outstandingly amazing room (see Sarah’s post for a great pic).

I’m going to be playing the Duchesse de Polignac, and baby needs a new dress!  Not because I don’t have a wardrobe full of 18th c., but besides my recently-worn-to-death peach francaise, I don’t have anything that seems perfect.  Originally I was thinking I’d be wearing the Maja dress, but Trystan rightly pointed out that it’s not very Polignac-y.  And I’m really feeling the mid- to late-1780s pull for this event/character.  Trawling through my image morgue, what really appealed was an anglaise or roundgown with a big black sash with a big rhinestone buckle, and a big lace collar, like on this minor character in Jefferson in Paris.

If I weren’t broke right now I surely would have gone out and bought some new fabric, but in this case it’s a good thing I can’t, because it finally forced me to pull apart my ill-fitting 1780s robe a la polonaise to rescue the gorgeous fabric.  I’ve been hanging on to the scraps I have left, assuming I would just piece in some pieces to the bodice.  But as it never fit well to begin with, and as it definitely doesn’t fit over my new 1780s stays, I redrafted a new pattern and cut out new pieces.

Initially I was a little big leery of using this fabric, which works for me as a faux-painted Chinese silk worn in the 1760s, for a gown this late.  I mean, I know they were all about reusing old fabrics/dresses, but I couldn’t find any examples of the painted silks being reused… but I went ahead and hoped it would work.  Last night, I was happy to discover two painted Chinese silk dresses that were remade as 1780s styles in the new, revamped Kyoto Costume Institute digital gallery!  Yay, my hunch was right!

I had to piece the hell out of it, particularly the bodice front and the sleeves, but hopefully it won’t detract!  Because right now I am all about saving my hardcore handsewing energy for the Big Projects (like the Maja) and allowing myself to just bang out a Pretty Dress when that’s all I want, I bag lined and machine sewed this sucker — whee!

The contrast solid green doesn’t work for me anymore, so that’s all out the window.  I want it to be somewhat simple and sophisticated, with a focus on the pretty fabric, a big lace collar, and the black velvet sash.  I’d been thinking round gown, since I don’t have enough of the fabric to make a petticoat, but I really want a train and am worrying about putting a train on a round gown.  So I decided to put what I had on the dress form to see if it would work for me with my white stripey cotton petticoat, but… nope!  I like the roundgown best!  The white petticoat is just too glare-y and detracts from the sophistication.