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Williamsburg/Costume Con Sewing & Planning

Agh! One week to go before I leave for Colonial Williamsburg/Costume Con and while I am on target, I am feeling overwhelmed. I spent most of the weekend making a hat, which didn’t end up being what it was supposed to (but when do hats ever behave)? I am 99.99% done on my polonaise – just need to add ties to the petticoat skirt and figure out the polonaise-ing. Pics soon. This week, I need to add lace to my turque, then that will be done.

I also need to bang out another 18th c. shift, dye my hair, create a packing list, and pack. Agh!

In terms of what I’m bringing… obviously the two new dresses. I might bring one other 18th c. dress (but which one? agh!). Two wigs (hedgehog and pouf), the new hat. Mustn’t forget shoes and pocket and jewelry and makeup and… CRAP, maybe it would be a good idea if I got organized for my panel! Ok, off to hyperventilate.