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1760s Brunswick, 18th century

Silk taffeta ribbon?

I really want to post my recap of the Burnley & Trowbridge Brunswick workshop, which was amazing, but WordPress is being fussy and not posting galleries… and what’s the point of a costume post without pictures, I ask you?

So in the meantime, I will whine and ask y’all if you have any suggestions of where I can find silk taffeta ribbon (about 2″ wide-ish)?  I’ve been googling, and all over ebay and etsy, and all I’ve found has been the wrong color (I need ivory), or not silk, or not taffeta, or questionable whether it’s real heavyweight taffeta or just china-silk-esque, or something crazy like $50/yd.  I suppose I could get some yardage and do a teeny tiny hem, but… I just want silk taffeta ribbon!  Any ideas?