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Exhibitions & Videos

Kent State University Museum has an exhibition on Civil War women’s fashions (On the Home Front: Civil War Fashions and Domestic Life — September 30, 2011 – August 26, 2012), and the exhibition webpage has a nice HD video with an interview with the curator plus a lot of shots (including some nice close-ups!) of the various pieces.

Montpelier is exhibiting costumes from the recent PBS “American Experience” production on Dolley Madison (Dolley Madison’s Life through Fashion: Dressing the Part — June 15, 2011 — March 31, 2012), and the exhibition webpage has another nice HD video interviewing the costume designer, with lots of shots of the various costumes and fittings with the lead actress.

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Another Digital Exhibition: Royal Danish Costume

Kongedragter is an online exhibition that features one outfit for each Danish king or queen, from Frederick II (1559-1588) to Margarethe II (1972-present).  Unfortunately, Margarethe’s is the only female outfit included, but still… if you’re into men’s costumes, there’s some really nice stuff in there!

If you’re like me and don’t speak Danish, click on the photo of a king/queen from the top right thumbnails. Wait a second and the clock will turn into an image of an ensemble, which you can then zoom (magnifying glass), rotate! (loop-y arrow), and get info about (“I”).

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Digital Exhibition: Accessories at the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum, in the Netherlands, has put together an amazing online exhibition on accessories.  Called Accessorize, it covers 1550-1950.

It’s a Flash-based site that’s SLOW to load, but worth it.  You can browse by period, object, color, material, and topic, and then look at individual items with the ability to do an level of AMAZING zoom.

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18th Century Back in Fashion – Exhibition at Versailles

Currently showing at the Chateau de Versailles (until Oct. 9) is the exhibition:  The 18th Century Back in Fashion (Le XVIIIe au Goût du Jour).  The exhibition features 18th century costume, as well as 20th-21st century couture inspired by the period.

It’s worth checking out the exhibition leaflet (pdf), plus there are videos and some decently-sized photographs (see the “slide shows” on the bottom left of the main page) of the exhibition.

There is a catalogue (yay!).  I’ve poked around and it looks like the cheapest option is to buy direct from the RMN.

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18th C. Costume Exhibition at the Musee des Tissus (Lyon)

One of the things I’m hoping to do in France, if I decide I’m up for an out-of-Paris daytrip, is to head to the Musee des Tissus in Lyon to view their new 18th century costume exhibition:  “Si le 18e siècle m’était conté… costumes d’exception” (which I think means “If the 18th century could tell me tales…exceptional costumes”?).

Here’s their writeup (in French), which links to some fabulous videos featuring items from the exhibiton:
Exposition Le costume féminin au 18e s. by Musee_des_Tissus
Exposition Le costume masculin au 18e s… by Musee_des_Tissus
Exposition dans l’Intimité d’une journée au 18e s. by Musee_des_Tissus
Exposition Histoire du costume au 18e s. by Musee_des_Tissus

Heileen went to see it, and she posted photos on Flickr (as well as photos of a related exhibition and their permanent collection).