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More Dickens Pics

I’ve just added a raft of new pictures (scroll down) from last Sunday at Dickens Fair. Sunday was GBACG day, and wow, were there some stunning costumes! I’m really glad I wasn’t trying to judge the costume contest. A very fun day running into lots of people I know, plus I actually got a few dances in, and of course made time for tea and scones (and rum cake!).

Dickens Fair, events

Dickens Fair Report #1

On Saturday I went to Dickens Faire, meeting up with various costumer friends. I always have fun at Dickens, but I had even more this time — there’s a spacious new layout, some great new shows (hello French Postcards!), had lots of good food and drink, and basically talked costumes all day. I’ll be going again for GBACG day this coming weekend, and probably the weekend after as well, so there’ll be more photos to come, but in the meantime:

Photos from Dickens Fair 2005