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Costume Con

Costume Con 26 Planning

So I’ve realized that while I am sewing madly, on two projects, for Costume Con 26, I’m not actually going to get to WEAR any of it (except for the secret masquerade project, but that’ll just be Sunday night). So I am grumpy about having nothing new and fabulous to wear, and have been joking with Sarah about things like “wear your most boring costume!” gatherings (which for me would be the Bet costume — if you see a gin-soaked pickpocket roaming around CC26, you’ll know why!).

I might wear my Florentine, if I can tweak the bodice fit in time, but even that feels like a “this old thing” to me as I’ve worn it a few times in the past year. Otherwise, I don’t know! Rewear something recent and fabulous like my purple striped 1871 dress? Something new-ish, relatively unworn, but boring like my Meg dress? Something I haven’t worn in forever like the 1909 afternoon dress? The MOST annoying thing is I won’t be able to wear anything 18th century, my current passion, because my stays will be on my dress form in the exhibit. Grump.

In other news, the CC26 people have added a Suggest a Program Item form (direct link doesn’t seem to be working, so go their homepage and click on Program & Exhibits > Suggest a Program Item) to their website, and I want to highly encourage attendees to both suggest programming (panels, lectures, workshops) they’d like to see, and especially to volunteer themselves to be on programming. The only way we’re going to get programming we like is if we all pitch in and do it ourselves! Costume Con seems very DIY to me, so get over your shyness and think about what you could share with others. I know I’d love to hear from so many of my online friends (I’m especially hoping someone could put something together on 16th century construction, as that’s something I know little about and would love to know more – hint hint!). So suggest and volunteer!

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Costume Con Report!

Whew! I’m back and totally exhausted! It was in general a good time. On the one hand, there was some amazing costuming in evidence, and I had a good time hanging out with friends and meeting new people. There were a lot of GBACG people there, and I was excited to meet an ex-GBACG person whose work I’ve admired. On the other, it was no Costume College — although I only made it to a few panels, I’m not really a fan of the “panel” format and definitely prefer the lecture/workshops at Costume College and the focus on teaching rather than just talking about. I did get excited about making some not-so-strictly historical costumes, like my LOTR dress and maybe an 18th c. pirate-ess costume.

So the big super sekrit thing that wasn’t really a sekrit, but hadn’t been announced and I wasn’t sure of the etiquette, was that I was one of three judges for the historical masquerade. In general, it was fun to see and talk about costumes with some really talented and brave (to get up on stage and be judged!) people. I really liked getting to reward all of the hard work and talent we all put into our costumes. The down side was that it was a HA-UGE amount of work, including getting up at 7am-ish EVERY DAY except Monday and spending a good time of each day on judging (reviewing documentation, meeting with costumers to examine workmanship, etc.).

I wore my green stripey 1780s to the Friday Night Social, my 1910 Wings of the Dove afternoon dress on Saturday afternoon/evening, and my black & white natural form to the historical masquerade on Saturday night — which I heard looked good on stage, although I have no photos of myself in it! What with all the judging, the 1909 afternoon dress never made it out.

So here you go: PHOTOS, most of which are of historical costumes, but you know what I like!

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Costume Con Pt. 2

Okay, I’m (mostly) packed — it only took four hours! Unfortunately the red & white stripey early bustle dress is getting ditched. I ran out of room in the suitcase for things like modern clothes, jammies, etc. Taking out the red & white dress meant I could also take out the bustle, huge petticoat, and matching shoes. Also, I realized that all the pleating and ruches were going to get crushed in my suitcase. So that meant I had room for my 1909 afternoon dress. Whew! I THINK I’m ready to go…

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Costume Con Planning

Thanks so much to everyone who voted in my Dorky Poll — it looks like either the black & white natural form or the red & white early bustle. I probably won’t know til I’m there which I’m going to wear, but at least you’ve helped me narrow it down!

Now I just have to pack everything – good lord. Luckily I don’t really have any outstanding sewing that needs doing before I go — the only thing I had was to finish trimming my 1780s capote, but I did that in a fit of productivity last week (pictures to be taken this weekend).

Here’s my costume plan, we’ll see how this works out:

Friday day: modern wear (ICG meeting at 9am!)
Friday Night Social: totally non-theme appropriate 1780s robe a l’anglaise with huge hair and huge hat.
Saturday day/GBACG luncheon: Wings of the Dove dress
Saturday eve (scifi masquerade): either black & white natural form or red & white early bustle, depending on which is worn Sun. night
Sunday day: MAYBE 1909 afternoon dress if there’s room in the suitcase; otherwise modern wear
Sunday night: see Sat. night
Monday: modern wear

Now I have to start hauling out suitcases to see what’s going to fit…

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Really Taking Votes Now

Okay, I’ve narrowed it down to a few potential costumes, but I’m stuck there, so I need your feedback! Which costume should I wear to the historical masquerade, to which I need to look fabulous for reasons I can’t yet mention (but will as soon as I can)? I especially need it to be something that will look good from far away, but I don’t know if any of my costumes do that!
(on another page because, since it’s a free service, I think it may have annoying pop-up ads).
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Taking Votes

Good lord, Costume Con is in less than two weeks. I’m taking votes as to what I should wear – I’ll be there for three days, plus there’s the Friday Night Social (the theme is Egyptian or deco, for which I have nothing appropriate) plus the two masquerades. I’m not going to be entering either masquerade, as it turns out, but I do need something fabulous to wear to the historical masquerade for reasons which I can’t yet make public. Which of my completed outfits is the most fabulous? Oh dear, off to examine my suitcase options…

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Masquerade Advice

Okay kids, so I’m planning to go Costume Con for the very first time this year. It will be, in fact, my very first con (unless you count BayCon last year, when all I did was docent an exhibit and go to the Regency dancing). And it will, of course, be my very first masquerade, at which my goal is simply to not make an a** of myself. To that end, does anyone have any advice to a newbie masquerade-er? What do I need to know? What do you wish you had known your first time?