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Speaking of Auctions – Some Nice Portraits

Speaking of auctions, as I did in my last post, reminded me that I occasionally like to troll through auction sites for images. It’s a great way to find new-to-you portraits and sculpture, and sometimes even extant clothing.

Here’s a few things that I’ve found lately that I liked — almost all 18th century, of course! Because that’s how I roll.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.02.14 AM

A MATCHING stomacher under a Venetian ladder-laced gown! Attributed to Domenico Robusti, called Domenico Tintoretto | PORTRAIT OF A LADY, THREE-QUARTER-LENGTH SEATED, HOLDING A LUTE | Sotheby’s

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18th century coat and waistcoat from Hampton Court Palace.
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18th Century Ribbon Embroidery

So! While I haven’t actually DONE anything about my 18th century court dress (see: wig book, busy fall semester, Dickens Fair), I have done a little bit of thinking about it.

Specifically, when I was thinking last summer of trying to “bang out” this sucker (which obviously wasn’t going to happen, but one can dream), I was trying to think of ways to save time on the embroidery:

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18th century, 18th century court dress

18th c. Court Gowns – a different version?

Hi there!  Let’s have a blog, shall we?  Now that the busy time of fall is over, I really really want to update this here thing!  How the hell are you?

One quickie for those interested in the court gown project.  A number of us are using these illustrations of 1780s French court gowns from the Arts Decoratifs/Musee de la Mode et du Textile in Paris:

I was interested to note that these must be preparatory drawings for the Gallerie des Modes, as you can find redrawn images of many of the same styles in that publication.  I thought this could be interesting as another take on these dresses, and also — we were talking about panier shapes, and it’s interesting to see that some of the curvier shapes from the drawings are replaced by boxier shapes in the published fashion plates.  Here’s the ones I’ve identified that match chosen gowns:

Claimed by A Fractured Fairytale |

As published in GdM |

In dark colors, claimed by Bauhausfrau |

As published in GdM |

In another colorway, from GdM |

Claimed by Demode |

From GdM |

Claimed by Gilded Garb |

From GdM |

Claimed by Mode Historique |

From GdM |

Claimed by Rose_Bertin |

From GdM |

Goth version of this claimed by Trystbat |

From GdM |

Claimed by Donna |

From GdM |

There might be others I’ve missed!

1760s Brunswick, 18th century, 18th century court dress, projects

1760s Brunswick (and brief court gown update)

Whew!  I am just coming to the end of my super crunch time at work, and I’ve barely had time to open emails, let alone keep up with anything else.  If I owe you an email/update about the court projects, don’t worry, I’ll be getting to that asap… plus posting a round-up of what’s going on out there in blog-land re: court gowns.  To tide you over, check out these great posts on French court dress from the Dreamstress, and Swedish court dress from Isis’ Wardrobe.

As another tide-you-over, I thought I should get around to finally posting pics of my REALLY finished 1760s Brunswick.  I’d needed to trim the skirt, and wear it to document said trimming!  Well, I got to the trimming a year or two back, and then finally had a chance to wear it when my 18th century group Lumieres went to a museum in San Francisco called the Legion of Honor, which is a copy of the French version in Paris.  They were having an exhibition on “Royal Treasures from the Louvre:  Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette,” which was very appropriate!  The best part of the day was when we were having drinks and food in the museum cafe, the curator came out to see our costumes.  We all introduced ourselves as our characters, many of which are based on real French 18th century people, and the curator knew who all of us were!  (To me, the Duchesse de Polignac, he said “You naughty girl” – ha!).

So here are some pictures of the finished Brunswick in the courtyard of our local 18th century reproduction building:

18th century, 18th century court dress

Court Ensembles – Wow!

I can’t get over how many people have thrown their hats into the ring for the court ensembles project!  This is crazy fabulous!  I figured a few people would jump in, but whoa!  We now have 46 people participating.

I’ve just updated the overall project page with images of claimed dresses and links to blogs.  If you’d like to be listed and I missed you, please comment or drop me an email!

PS We have no boy outfits, this makes me sad.  Somebody, recruit a boy to make a pink spangly outfit!