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Bella Donna fall season

So I mentioned it’d been a typically busy fall for Bella Donna, my mostly-Renaissance Italian singing/performing group.  What did we get up to?

First, we performed at Much Ado About Sebastopol, a small, historically accurate (I know!) Renaissance faire in Northern California.

We did two different shows each day | (C) Howard Gold

Took over the Queen's Court while the Queen was away, which got us in the local paper | (C) Connor Jay, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Challenged the court gentlemen to perform the Ham Pants Dance, which scandalized poor Sarah beyond recognition...

Got lectured by the Queen the next day, during which we cried and blamed the gents | (C) Philip Pavliger

For the annual San Francisco Italian Heritage Parade in October:

We dressed in an 18th c. Venetian carnivale theme | (C) Beppe Sabatini


Made Liam carry our Really Huge Venetian Flag… | (C) Froguy

And won second place for “Best Novelty Act”!

Then we went to the Folsom Renaissance Faire, where we again did multiple shows…

Hung out at court | (C) Jon Wilhelmson

And I wore my relatively recently revamped green dress, which now has a better constructed/lacing front but is more widely open, and has had new trim added! | (C) John Wilhemson

And then there was the Vampire Ball — 4 gigs over 2 months — phew!

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