Another sale! Costume books, fabric, patterns, accessories, trim, jewelry…

Not only did I massively clean out my costume-related things stash for the GBACG Costumers Bazaar, and not only do I need the money, and not only have I recently made an attempt to focus on making costumes for things I actually do regularly, but my husband has been watching “Hoarders” every few weeks.  So, MUST GET RID OF ALL THE THINGS!

With that, I give you yet another online costume garage sale!

Things that could excite you:

  • My red 1780s stays
  • Various cool patterns for cheap, including all 3 Margo Anderson Elizabethan women’s and JP Ryan’s late 18th c. stays
  • Costume books for far cheaper than you can get anywhere else (I checked!), including Dress at the Court of King Henry VIII, two vintage hairstyling books (one OOP and rare!), 2 of the Sally Queen swatch books (1850-80 and 1880-1920)
  • Jewelry, including a vintage 1910s ladies pocket watch and a Lenox cameo
  • Lots of fabric, including a reproduction Colonial Williamsburg 18th c. print and some antique purple brocade
  • And much much more!
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