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1909 Edwardian Suit

So, um, I’m done with the embroidering, with nary an update. What can I say, terminal laziness has set in!

I did pretty much all of the embroidery on the train to and from work, which was really enjoyable (now I’m wishing I had another similar project that was so easy to carry around, unlike my 1780 jacket which has fallen by the temporary wayside).

The only issue is that I used a pink pencil to draw the design — it’s supposed to work as an iron-on transfer (you first draw onto tracing paper) but I can report that while it does work, the lines are pretty blurry so I don’t recommend it — and now one of my pieces has a decided pink cast to it. And I don’t think it’s going to wash out. Oh well, c’est la vie!

embroidery embroidery embroidery

Now I need to clean my bedroom/sewing room so I can get at my machine again, and then start assembling the corset cover.

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