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Costume College Prep

I think I’m going to take it easy this year at CoCo — I’m bringing Nell Gywn for the gala, but I think that’s it for big costumes. Otherwise, I think I’ll be in random vintage-y/comfy bits. I’ve been contemplating bringing my turque for the class I’m teaching on this, but then I started to list all the components I’d need (plus the fact that my hedgehog is in desperate need of restyling) and I started to feel overwhelmed… On both Saturday and Sunday I’m teaching classes where I need to be able to move and/or get grubby, so costumes are out those days. And for Friday night, I’ve got a last minute secret project… but more on that at/after!

I’ve been working LIKE A MADWOMAN on my classes… and I still have more to prep. Remind me why I do this? I wrote out a shopping list today and am trying to stick to the idea of getting supplies to fill out projects that I already have fabric for, but it’s amazing how much you need once you start to list it all out. Luckily I’ve got a 3 day weekend ahead of me, so hopefully? I’ll be able to get it all done by Sunday, and then have Mon. & Weds. evenings to pack!

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