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Costume College Class List Up

For the first time that I have ever seen, and I’ve been going to Costume College for many years now, they actually have their classes listed on their website BEFORE memberships have sold out. This means, if you haven’t yet bought a membership, that you can see which classes will be on offer before purchasing – for the first time ever. You don’t get to see the class schedule (which hasn’t yet been mailed out, and only goes to those with memberships), so you don’t know which classes overlap and which ones have limited attendance… but you can get a much clearer idea if the classes will appeal to you. So if you’ve hemmed and hawed about going, you’ve got some more information to help you make that decision!

(And note: memberships WILL sell out ahead of time, so if you’re thinking of going, get your money in soon… plus that way you will get into some of the limited classes. If you wait too long, you probably won’t, and those can sometimes be some of the coolest classes).

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  • Reply Katy March 22, 2009 at 3:50 am

    Speaking of Costume College, I really want to take your class on draping a robe a la francaise, but is that going to be one where you need to bring your own sewing machine? Because I’m coming in from the other end of the country, so that’s not exactly something I can bring on the plane with me. Just wanted to know before I get my hopes up.

  • Reply Kendra March 22, 2009 at 6:04 pm

    Hey Katy! It’s going to be a demo only, so I’ll be the only one doing anything… so no need for a sewing machine!

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