2008 Costume Wrap-up/2009 Plans

Since everyone’s doing it – what I accomplished in 2008! I appear to have been shockingly productive, although it doesn’t feel like it:

So what’s on the docket for 2009?

  • I am, as we speak, finishing up a new partlet and girdle as the final touches on my 1560s Venetian gown, which I’ll wear to 12th Night
  • 1775 maja costume for Costume College (definitely); maybe for the historical masquerade at Costume Con Baltimore IF I end up going?
  • 1660s Nell Gwyn dress for the Charles II project, for Costume College (and Costume Con?, again if I go)
  • I really need a new Gatsby dress, and as we’ve taken 2 years off, I can’t imagine we won’t go this year? So probably I’ll resurrect my 1920s day dress

Beyond that, I’ve got a ton of ideas but no firm plans. It’ll depend on which events happen and what puts a bee in my bonnet!

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  • Reply Jenina February 11, 2009 at 10:02 am

    Wow, sounds like it’s Renaissance all over again. :D It’s so stylishly elegant.

    Oh, it reminds me of everything classic: bloomers, girdles and corsets.

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