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18th Century Printed Cottons/GBACG Costume Academy

Sunday was GBACG’s Costume Academy, our annual one day of classes. I taught two — Overview of Women’s Costume in the 1830s, and 18th century printed textiles. I had a fun time teaching, especially because I had some really knowledgeable people in my classes who were able to add to what I presented – I love when that happens (of course, when it happens WELL — as opposed to annoying people who try to take over). Anyway – fun!

In updating my info on 18th century printed cottons, and because I know the GBACG website is changing and I think the articles may be disappearing at some point, I copied my research to this site so I can be sure it will have a permanent home. I made just a few updates, mostly in terms of where to buy reproductions, and added some images (rather than just links).

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