More on the Costumers Yard Sale + Where I’ve Been!

So I’ll be liberating a bunch of stuff at the upcoming costumers yard sale (see post below). If you need tempting, here’s just some of the stuff: 1760s robe a la francaise, 1836-7 evening dress, 1880s evening dress, 1890s can can skirt. Plus a bunch of vintage dresses (1920s & 1940s-50s), at least one vintage 1910s hat, various fabric (wool, silk, linings, etc.), patterns (modern and repro costume), a few bits of jewelry, possibly an 18th c. style wig… lots of cool stuff!

In other news, it’s been time for the annual Fall Kendra Disappearance Months! I’ve been absolutely slammed at work, and most of my free time has gone into performing at various Renaissance faires and GBACG behind-the-scenes stuff. Work should be calming down soon; faires end at the end of October; so I should be resurfacing soon-ish. Sorry it’s been so boring around here!

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