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Okay, so I got distracted and busy over the weekend, but I am so getting back to my Little Women dress tonight! Saturday Sarah and I geeked out watching Marie Antoinette, and my thoughts are filled with making SOME kind of exciting 18th century fabulousness for the Costume College gala. But I’m being hampered by my desire to reproduce some sort of period portrait (I want the challenge of doing hair/accessories/etc.), and needing to get over my aversion to blue and pink (everything is blue, white, and pink! aaaaaa!). Could I handle a white with groupings of narrow pink stripes? Would I look like a total dork? Is there a reason most of my costume wardrobe is green and burgundy (yes)? I’m also thinking about making one of the dresses from Marie Antoinette, but most of them are either in a color I don’t like or have something inaccurate enough about them to stop me…

Sunday was Costume Academy — I taught a class on bustle era hairstyles, which included a demo that went very well! And I took a class on working with feathers, and successfully was able to curl an ostrich feather, which made me unnecessarily happy.

In the meantime, I was randomly inspired to take a photo of my 18th century pocket, made years ago when I was in the mood for some embroidery. More interesting updates soon!

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  • Reply wenz March 13, 2007 at 12:36 am

    Leeds museum (or was it Manchester) have that gorgeous red 1700s dress.
    V&A museum item T.96&A-1972; it’s a green stripey.

  • Reply Hannah March 14, 2007 at 7:04 am

    Yellow was really fashionable in the 18th cent, too. And it would probably look better on you than pink or blue!

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