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GBACG has announced our list of events for next year in the latest issue of our newsletter, although most of the info isn’t on the web yet. Of course, being on the board gives me the inside scoop, which has helped me plan my projects for next year. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Open House – 1/28 – of course! I’ll wear whatever is itching to be worn and doesn’t take up much room.
Queen Elizabeth I & the Pirate – 2/24 – I am so going to this fancy shmancy Elizabethan banquet (at the same location we did Lord of the Rings last year). Bella Donna may perform a few songs. I’ll wear my courtesan dress, of course.
GBACG Goes to the Gaskell Ball – 4/21 – I’m organizing this as have for the past 2 years, so I’d better go! Our theme is Victorian fantasy (fairies etc.). Not sure what I’ll wear — probably add wings and my butterfly mask to one of my bustle evening dresses?
Little Women picnic – 5/20 – again, I’m in charge so I’d better be there! I’ll be going as Meg (I get to be the girlie one!) and I’ve been on the hunt for the right fabric for MONTHS. Apparently it IS really hard to find a sheer cotton lawn or voile with a white ground and small lavender flowers – who knew? Grr.
Hogwarts End-of-Term Celebration – 6/23 – unless I’m randomly in Europe at the time, how can I miss a Harry Potter party? I’ll probably be going as Professor Trelawney, unless Bellatrix Lestrange’s costume is so good that I get a strong yen to throw something together. Trelawney rocks, because she has hilarious hair.
Surviving the Guillotine: A French Revolution Picnic – 7/14 – again, I’m organizing this. I’ll probably wear my anglaise or my polonaise, unless I miraculously become a faster costumer.
Bustles and Baseball – Aug. (date TBD) – although this sounds fun (going to a vintage revival 1880s baseball game), I doubt I’ll have time to make anything for it, and I don’t have anything 1880s in my closet. Boo.
Gatsby picnic – 9/9 – I’m so there (pink drinks! yay!) and I’m going to have something new this year, come hell or high water!
Walk/picnic at Cypress Lawn cemetary – 10/13 – totally depends on my mood whether I go. Costume era is 1850-1942, so that’s easy.
GBACG Goes to Dickens Fair – 12/8 – of course!
Edwardian tea – 2/9/08 – I am SO there, and so will my stripey 1908 suit.

So that means the docket is, in order of how I’m planning to tackle them:
1. Gwendolen’s 1874ish day dress – so I have something fabulous to wear to the Costume College gala!
2. Meg March’s 1860ish day dress – design contingent upon finding the right fabric.
3. 1924 day dress for Gatsby – made on my newly acquired vintage 1924 Singer (how can I not?)
4. 1909 suit

I’m sure other projects will sneak in there, of course.

FYI, I’m slowly integrating a new form of commenting on the site – those who’ve commented on recent projects have seen the new format (hosted by Blogger). If you have a Blogger account, you can sign in — otherwise choose Anonymous and you can put in your name and website/livejournal (if you want to). Let me know if you have any problems with it. This means that comments posted previously on main page posts are gone, but hopefully those discussions have ended already. This sucks, but there’s no other option.

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  • Reply wenz November 30, 2006 at 10:13 pm

    I’m a touch envious of your events schedule (and more so of your costumes). Still, I’m hoping that one day Sydney will have an active group … and by then I’ll have more costumes too.

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