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PEERS Vampire Ball

On Saturday night I went to the PEERS Vampire Ball. I was so inspired by Marie Antoinette that of course I had to wear my new peach francaise, and finally got the courage to wear my new, huge grey powdered wig. And I finally found the beauty patches that I bought from Jwlhyfer over a year ago, and was excited to find that one was a bat! Yay! And I can report that eyeglash glue works perfectly for affixing patches.

The ball was nice but not fabulous — it was a much better venue than where it’s been held in the past, but it was hot and for some reason I didn’t really get into dancing until late in the evening (but then had some really nice waltzes). I did have a good time just mingling and chatting. There were some really great costumes there — lots of goth-inspired ensembles. I got a lot of compliments on my costume, although one of my friends overheard someone say (in reference to me), “I can’t believe that people would RENT costumes to come to this.” Um, sorry dearie! Handsewed every stitch! But I guess I should take it as a compliment, right?

I’ve posted my pictures, which didn’t turn out too fabulous — I think some of the settings on my camera may have been off. Anthony got a much better picture of my dress in his pictures.

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