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Not Dead, Really!

I’m not dead, I swear! I’ve been having some crappy stuff going on in my life, and in order to cope I needed to hibernate a bit and let myself off the hook for keeping up with things like my website. But things are better now, so you can expect some regular updates to start up again! I’ve done a bunch of sewing on my 1839 Le Follett day dress, I saw The Illusionist and the new BBC Jane Eyre miniseries (so reviews soon), I haven’t yet seen Marie Antoinette (GASP) but will very very soon. Last weekend I was a docent for the San Francisco Victorian Alliance house tour, so I actually got out in costume. I wore my black & ivory striped 1876ish reception dress – only got a few pictures (here and here).

So – back from the dead! More content Monday. Oh, and there are a bunch of dead links in the Real Women’s Clothing directory — I’m slowing going through and fixing them (sigh!). I’ll post a notice when I’ve finished.

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