SALE – Vintage & Antique Clothing, Patterns, Costume DVD

I’m broke! But my broke-ness is hopefully your gain. I’ve got a bunch of costume-related things for sale, which I’m going to offer to my costuming friends for ONE WEEK – until about 9/11/06. After that, they go to ebay.

All items are first come, first served. I ship via Priority Mail (you pay exact shipping) to US – international buyers are okay, but it may take me a week or so to mail your package (I have a hard time getting to the post office with my work schedule). I’m happy to combine shipping.

I’ve got some stunning antique c. 1860s pieces, a bunch of larger size vintage 1920s & 40s dresses, some patterns, and a Vanity Fair DVD.

Want to buy? Email me at kendra at (change the “at” to an @).

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